• Department of Physical and Sports Education

    The activity of physical education and sport ensures the optimization of the physical and psychic capacities of the students, the favorable influence of the somatic and physiological indicators, the widening of the knowledge horizon through the formation of a theoretical and practical knowledge system, the correction / improvement of deficiencies and deformations of growth and development in concordance with university education integrated into the requirements of modern society. The Department of Physical and Sports Education of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports is a necessity considering the evolution of the teaching staff of the Department for the following years and especially of the specialists.

  • Department of Physical Therapy and Special Motricity

    We form kinetotherapeutic specialists with skills and competencies in the direction of consolidation or restoration of the functions of parts of the human body affected by illness or trauma, and in a secondary way, offers graduates the possibility to intervene in the improvement of special motricity through wide range of related activities physical education and sports (physical therapist, masseur).